PD-2 unmanned aerial system

"Higher, better and faster"

It's not just a motto, it's a qualification of the unmanned aerial system designed to excel and built to endure. The PD-2 UAS is a ready-to-fly versatile modular solution, the successor of PD-1, and the next evolution stage of the People Drones' series.

Main features

PD-2 is still a one-stop UAS solution for civil and military applications.

More endurance

Higher service ceiling

More max. payload weight

Greater distance of datalink connection

Greater functional range

New ground control station


Advanced payloads

ADS-B in/out transponder


Same aircraft, different configurations. Just choose whatever current mission requires.


    No runway needed
    Hover ability
    Take off from any place
    Able to take off from the ship


    Longer endurance
    Higher service ceiling
    More payload weight
    Requires runway

New ground control station

Brand new GCS ensures lots of amazing new features.


Two datalinks support


Improved software for drone operators


More stable connection

Reliable HD video transmission

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