SHARK UAS is a perfect multifunctional unmanned aerial system for a wide range of missions. SHARK combines combat-proven technologies and rich experience of UAVs application. SHARK UAS provides the possibility for fully autonomous reconnaissance, surveillance, clear identification, and recognition from a long distance at considerable altitude.
The system is packed with high-end technologies, reliable datalink and high encryption AES256, advanced payload and anti-jamming technologies.

SHARK UAS Specifications

SHARK UAS is perfect-suited for border control and hard-to-reach places inspection, surveillance, power and gas lines inspection, aerial photography, monitoring in agriculture, search and rescue operations, and in wide range of public safety applications.All numbers below are proven and effective with ready-to-use UAV.

2 hr average endurance

2000 m service ceiling


60+ kmdatalink connection

12 kgmax payload weight

200+ kmmax flight distance

Short lead time

Low operationalcost

ITAR free & no export restrictions

SHARK UAS Camera systemUSG-231

  • Maximum tracking distance

    5 000 m

  • Zoom

    Optical and digital - 90x

  • Stabilization

    Gyro- and digital stabilization

  • Quality

    Full HD with Anti-fog function


Ground control station GCS

The ground control station (GCS) is designed to be portable and robust. It can be easily transported as it is or integrated into a vehicle or HQ.
GCS consists of: 1. Network hub with backup battery
2. Remote operator control station
3. Payload operator portable control station
4. Tracking antenna unit
5. Automatic mast
6. Power generator

Ground tracking antenna maximizes radio communication range between your drone and the ground control station and therefore allows to use of the maximum potential of the data link.

To ensure maximum reliability during the mission there are two integrated communication channels to the tracking antenna system.


UAS Configuration

SHARK UAV package is configured for fast deploy-and-start that provides everything you need to run a mission execution at the moment

What's included: 1. SHARK UAV2. Advanced camera system USG-2313. Heavy-duty catapult launcher4. Ground control station (GCS)5. Software6. Spare parts, tools and equipment