Get in touch with us+38 (063) 834-36-60moc.smetsyscepsrku%40ofni

Get in touch with us+38 (063) 834-36-60moc.smetsyscepsrku%40ofni

Company’s history

We founded our company back in 2014 at the very beginning of the Russian intervention in Eastern Ukraine. At that time, the Ukrainian army had zero drones that were ready for full-scale war deployment.
Drones manufactured by foreign companies were excessively expensive ($500 000 and higher). Moreover, it was technically impossible to import them to Ukraine due to complex custom restrictions…
As soon as we realized this problem, we immediately began our own drones production. Partially borrowing features of misc recreational drones and quadcopters and keeping close touch with our military advisors, we eventually managed to complete our first own unmanned flying vehicle. It was designed specifically for military purposes.
Additionally, we developed side features and add-ons for it. It consisted of a gyro-stabilized platform (to take pictures and videos sharp and not shaky), as well as a ground control center to make flight direction more professional.
Shortly after that, our drones proved their efficiency and robust construction when flying misc missions in a real, war combat environment in Eastern Ukraine.

On top of that, the fact that our drones have advanced payload options and are hard to detect by any avionic radars or anti-aircraft missile systems makes them stand out as one of the best solutions on the market!


Skyrocket your endeavors to the top


We live in times of great possibilities and championing science discoveries. The latest technologies made possible things that seemed previously impossible.
Unmanned flying vehicles showcase that perfectly.
We produce fixed-wing and multirotor drones, which are one of the most feature-rich, flight-robust, and cost-efficient on the market!


Our mission is to assist private explorers and governments, as well as military divisions, in learning and using drones and quadcopters technology.
These flying vehicles made so many things easier, starting with simple aerial photography and air surveillance and ending with executing complex rescue operations, light cargo deliveries, etc.
Drones made by our company are usually used for field reconnaissance, air surveillance during emergencies and natural disasters, objects air inspecting, etc. All this allows our clients to assess the situation beforehand and save people’s lives.


Our company’s philosophy is based on top of these 3 cornerstones:
01. Enduring vision of a world where drone technologies make multiple tasks easier and faster.
02. Optimizing drone’s functionality to each specific type of task at hand (like military usage).
03. Constant improving and enhancing the main and additional features of our products.