PD-2 UAS applications

Perfect solution for any mission

PD-2 is a versatile advanced aerial system designed for the execution of various missions. Military, border control, wildfire management, wildlife monitoring, gas and oil inspections, and cargo delivery, – these are just a few examples.



Our solution is suitable for situations where the manned flight can be too dangerous. It can be used for surveillance, reconnaissance, target tracking, base perimeter monitoring, and delivering medications to hard-to-reach zones.

Border control

Our equipment can be used for tracking the movement of people, prevention of unauthorized border-crossing attempts, and other illegal activities.


Wildfire management

The PD-2 UAS is able to search people, deliver items and medications to victims. Our product allows emergency services to work at night. By using the USG-212 EO/IR camera system it can detect current fire locations, provide more reliable information and identify hot spots in wildland fires.

Wildlife monitoring

Our product can be used for efficient surveillance of large areas, providing GPS location information, and gathering data to assist in wildlife monitoring. UAV has a low noise level which does not scare the animals.


Gas, oil, and power lines inspections

The PD-2 unmanned aerial system brings the experience of gas, oil, and power lines inspections to a whole new level. It can be used to ensure that pipelines are operating efficiently and safely, to provide information on leaks and spills, to perform an inspection to detect cracks and corrosion on pipes, buildings, tanks, and other infrastructure.

Cargo delivery

Due to its versatility, the PD-2 UAS is capable of transporting different types of cargo, which can come in handy during various missions. The PD-2 unmanned aerial vehicle allows you to deliver different types of cargo with a weight of up to 8 kg.


Geodetic aerial photography

An accurate geodetic aerial photography is vital for capturing a detailed image of the earth's surface and for the further creation of high-resolution maps. In order to provide our customers with the best experience and superior quality, we use hardware from the world’s leading producers.

PD-2 unmanned aerial system

The PD-2 UAS is a ready-to-fly versatile modular solution designed for the execution of various missions in a wide geographic range and approved by militaries for militaries.


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