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Wildlife monitoring

Qualitative and effective wildlife monitoring is of great importance for environmental sustainability, animal health, and safety. In order to preserve flora and fauna, UKRSPECSYSTEMS’s specialists designed the PD-2 unmanned aerial system able to carry out different types of wildlife monitoring missions.

How it works

The PD-2 UAS can be used for efficient surveillance of large areas, providing GPS location information, and gathering data to assist in wildlife monitoring. The PD-2 surveillance drone has a low noise level which does not scare the animals.


The number of poachers has been significantly increased in recent years. The PD-2 UAS is capable of identifying poachers and tracing the positioning of animals due to the list of features like tracking of the moving objects and video stabilization. Due to the synergy of the USG-212 EO/IR and Aerowatcher software, our solution allows 24/7 wildlife monitoring even during the night. Ukrspecsystems PD-2 drone is a much safer solution for wildlife monitoring in comparison with manned aerial vehicles since there is no pilot involved. The PD-2 unmanned aerial vehicle can survey hard-to-reach areas which might otherwise be inaccessible. Deforestation has been a serious global problem for several decades. The capabilities of the PD-2 unmanned aerial system grant the precise tracking of forest losses, as well as determining the location and size of illegal activities.

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