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USG-405 EO/IR/LRF gimbal for ISR, tactical, search and rescue, military missions

USG-405 EO/IR/LRF is a multi-sensor, multipurpose gyro-stabilized gimbal with industry-proven hardware and software combination onboard. We have integrated a sophisticated onboard video processing solution, a Full HD sensor with 30x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, an uncooled IR sensor with the long-range optical zoom lens, and a laser rangefinder with up to 5 km measuring range. This long-range camera system is a turnkey plug-and-play solution. It is ideal for Class 1 and Class 2 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones), crewed airplanes, helicopters, autogyros, and other small aviation platforms. Designed to be used for a variety of applications like search and rescue, firefighting/wildfires monitoring, border control, different tactical tasks, and a spectrum of civil applications.


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Industry-proven EO/IR sensors

Sony Full-HD EO with 90x max zoom (30x optical and 3x digital). Uncooled thermal camera with 5x optical zoom. LRF for precise coordinates detection and geo-reference. 

Best-in-class onboard video processing

We are using one of the most powerful onboard video processing units to make sure you get best performing digital video stabilization, moving target tracking and video enhancement features.

Effective tool for your tasks

During the developing process, one of our main tasks was to find a balance between price and quality, which we successfully achieved. Our products offer a full stack of industry-proven features and capabilities while maintaining a reasonable price range.

Advanced control software

Advance and user-friendly mission control software for sensor operator provides easy and comfortable access to all features: moving map, geo-information, change tracking modes with one click, multiple control hardware options (joystick, keyboard/mouse, controller), and information sharing and reporting tools. Our solution allows performing tasks faster, allowing it to focus on the mission and be more effective.


Variation – is a key. Our USG camera system is available in various configurations, ensuring maximum efficiency based on the specific requirements of the mission.Which USG is right for your mission? 



The day and night view Full HD cameras with motorized optical focus and additional 5x zoom for the thermal imager, combined with a laser rangefinder with up to a 5 km measuring range, allow for accurate determination of target distance and location, as well as tracking it in any conditions.

    Full HD sensor with 30x optical zoom and a thermal camera with 4x digital zoom
    Additional optical zoom 5x for IR sensor
    Laser rangefinder
    LWIR-motorized focus


The day and night Full HD cameras with fixed focus and digital zoom for thermal imaging provide stable and clear imagery, allowing for target tracking in any conditions.

    Full HD sensor with 30x optical zoom and a thermal camera with 4x digital zoom
    LWIR-fix focus


The Full HD day view camera with a laser rangefinderwith up to a 5 km measuring range ensures stable and clear imaging, as well as accurate target tracking.

    Full HD day-view camera
    Laser rangefinder

Request an online demo now!

Reach us and request an online demonstration of the gimbal. You will see a real-time video stream and will be able to control the gimbal on your own. During the demonstration, you will experience all gimbal features - moving target tracking, long-range zoom, stabilization performance and will be able to evaluate gimbal performance without leaving your office.



Most gimbals on the market are offered without any sensor operator software. You get the gyro-stabilized platform itself and the joystick for steering. We believe that sensor operator software is one of the key components of the system. With this, the payload operator will work every day, and the success of the task depends on the convenience and capabilities of this software.

● Easy and customizable camera controls, multiple input sources support, a wide selection of screen layouts, customizable hot-keys, all mission-critical information at a glance. 
● Live map with a wide-range of features. Plan your further steps, see where your aerial vehicle is flying, where you are looking (FOV), click on the map to look at the desired location, and add objects and landmarks for further reference.
● Create after flight report with your flight data (including route), preselected objects from the map (with geo-reference and photos), or use API to quickly share information with other team members and create real-time information exchange.  

Remember, efficient and easy-to-use mission control software allows the user to focus on the mission, which means being more efficient, collecting information faster, processing it, and passing it on to the decision-maker, allowing us to save the most critical resource - our time.

Why Choose Us

Still have some hesitations? Check the reasons why you should choose us among other companies!

High-tech product

USG-405 is a technically advanced EO/IR camera gimbal. It offers you all modern-day features, high-end sensors, and high-performance video processing. You can detect even small targets miles away, automatically track moving vehicles in an urban environment, quickly get accurate coordinates of the target and much more. It is a practical, reliable, and easy-to-use ISR solution.

Includes everything you need

No purchase of additional equipment needed. We have included everything for quick and easy integration, operation, and maintenance in the package. USG-405 EO/IR gimbal comes as an all-inclusive turnkey solution. Gimbal, wiring, mounting plate, joystick, advanced control software, manuals are already there. 

Cost-effective and affordable

One of our main goals from the beginning was to design a high-performance and cost-effective solution. We know how expensive EO/IR payloads could be. Furthermore, manufacturers often charge you for any small piece of additional equipment. We've been there, as previously we were purchasing third-party payloads for our PD-2 UAV. We are proud to achieve our goal and release an advanced and affordable EO/IR payload. Don't hesitate and reach us for a quote.

Easy to use

Our EO/IR camera payload is truly easy to integrate and operate (because all needed equipment is already included). We offer full technical support and even can customize the system according to your needs. Gimbal is intuitively easy to operate, and it always does what you need from it. You want to follow the target - click on it. Want to look around using the joystick? Just do it. There won't be any unwanted movements. Now you can focus on your mission, not on the equipment.  

EO/IR/LRF gimbal for long-range surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) - static target and moving vehicle tracking (3+ km slant)

A footage of the USG-405 EO/IR/LRF gimbal integrated on a PD-2 VTOL fixed-wing UAV. USG-405 advanced gimbal is an ideal tool for ISR applications. It is strengthened by powerful ground control software allowing the payload operator to be more flexible and saving a lot of time that can be used to make a decision. 

Long-range moving vehicle tracking (4+ km slant)

The USG-405 compact and lightweight designs are developed for different civilian and military solutions under heavy weather conditions (-25 °C ~ +55 °C). Our cameras systems are optimized to handle harsh conditions including shock and rapid acceleration during the flight.

Technical specifications

Physical data

  • Width180 mm

  • Height180 mm

  • Depth250 mm

  • Weight3.1 kg

  • Power consumption50 W

  • Power voltage12-24 V

  • Environmental protectionIP65

EO sensor

  • Image resolution1920x1080

  • Frame rate60

  • Optical zoom30x

  • Digital zoom120x

  • View angle63.7º ... 2.3º

  • 42

    Sensitivity0.01 luxv

IR sensor

  • Image resolution640x512

  • Frame rate30

  • 42

    Sensitivity wavelenght8-14 μm

  • Temperature sensitivity<50 mK

  • FOV29.9º ... 5.8º

  • Optical zoom5x (15-75 mm lens)

Laser rangefinder

  • Safety classClass 1

  • Wavelenght1.5 μm

  • Rangeup to 5 km

  • Typeuncooled LWIR

  • Stabilization angle RMS100 μrad


  • Network interfaceEthernet

  • Control interfaceSerial RS-232/485

  • Video outputEthernet

  • Video stream formatMPEG-TS, RTP/RTPS

  • KLV metadataMISB ST.0601

Mission Control Software

  • Spectrum of modes and presetsScene lock, target tracking, and more

  • Auto mapping of pointIn one click adding a screenshot

  • Ar-glasses-reality-virtual-virtualreality-vr

    AR functionalityEasy to visualization+VLC plugin

  • Embed messengerChatting between team members

  • Cross-device compatibilityWork from laptop or tablet

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