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Most versatile Group 2 fixed-wing VTOL UAS


Camera gimbals

Advance EO/IR/LRF camera systems


UAS Components

High-performance antennas, catapults and more

What we offer

There are many different types of products related to unmanned aircrafts industry, and each of them is designed to fulfill specific tasks and applications.

Wide range of fixed-wing and VTOL unmanned aerial systems. Our solutions result from prolonged and detailed work, hours of direct work with end-users, and a clear vision of the nature of the final result. We have implemented the latest technology to let users enjoy ease of use and high performance.

An advance line of components for unmanned aircraft systems, including high-performance electro-optical payloads, catapults, as well as encrypted communication systems with high jamming resistance.

components for uas

UAS Components is a subsidiary of Ukrspecsystems, which offers a wide selection of proven components for your unmanned aerial systems, including airframes, propulsion systems, camera gimbals, datalinks, tracking antennas, and much more. Visit website for more information.

uav ground station photo

Tracking antenna for UAS

Tracking antenna for ground control station of your UAV. It enables a higher communication range.


Composite UAV airframe

Fully composite modular airframe for your UAV project. Can be upgraded with VTOL module.

uav Propulsion system photo

Propulsion system

Proven and reliable engine module with an electric generator, remote start, sensors, and integrated fuel tank.

uav catapult launcher

Pneumatic catapult launcher

Pneumatic catapult launching system GLS-1A is designed to launch unmanned aerial vehicles.

Propulsion system

Fuel station

Fuel station for your drone. It will help you make fuel and defuel process faster and safer.

uav video link

Video link

Digital video link system provides wireless transmission of video signal over the air up to 50 km in line of sight conditions.

video processing system uav photo

Video processing system

This video processing module serves for multi-channel reception and video stream processing.

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