Unmanned aerial vehicles have become a vital part of various military operations. UAVs are suitable for situations where manned flight can be too dangerous. We kept this in mind while the PD-2 UAS development, making it a perfect solution for different military applications.

How it works

The PD-2 UAS can be used for surveillance, reconnaissance, target tracking, base perimeter monitoring, and delivering medications to hard-to-reach zones. UKRSPECSYSTEMS’ PD-2 drone is capable of transporting different types of cargo, which can come in handy during various military missions. For example, PD-2 UAV is able to deliver supplies and ammunition to troops in the field.


Want to know how it works? We have designed a configuration of the UAV with removable modules. Due to this modification, our solution can drop cargo using fuselage and underwing containers. In VTOL configuration the PD-2 UAV can vertically land for load/unload and further takeoff multiple times in any environment. Moreover, it can hover over the target and drop the cargo precisely.

As we mentioned before, our systems are perfectly suited for intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance missions, which would take advantage of the fact that UAVs can be positioned flexibly near potential targets, and are relatively small and difficult to detect. Up to 10 hrs endurance of the PD-2 UAV is particularly important for surveillance when these operations could be conducted over hours. Situational awareness provides real-time information about enemy positions, weather, terrain, and other changing variables. Being able to monitor nearby troop locations significantly helps to make considered decisions. It is a well-known fact that precise artillery fire is of the utmost importance for the battle outcome. Our team kept this in mind while developing the PD-2 UAS, that's why we provided it with the artillery spotting feature. It ensures the coordination of artillery fire by providing target corrections in order to hit the objects which are not visible from the firing positions.
The PD series drones are in service with all branches of the Ukrainian military. Being an irreplaceable solution for the Ukrainian army they have proved their reliability during various combats in the East of Ukraine.

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