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Get in touch with us+38 (063) 834-36-60moc.smetsyscepsrku%40ofni

Unmanned aerial systems

Ukrspecsystems offers a wide range of unmanned aerial systems to satisfy most demanding client needs.


PD-2 UAS is a combat-proven solution designed to operate in the most challenging conditions. Ukrainian Armed Forces widely use it. PD-2 VTOL can stay in the air for more than 8 hours, fully loaded with advanced tech and a camera system. All communication and navigation equipment on board are encrypted, resistant, and ready to withstand EW countermeasures. 

  • 180+ km communications range

  • 5 m wingspan

  • 8+ hrs flight time

  • VTOL or conventional runway takeoff and landing

  • 55 kg MTOW


SHARK UAS is a very easy-to-use unmanned aerial system. It is affordable, simple, and yet highly effective. Our main goal was to create a UAV that anyone could use in one week. We let the technology do its job, allowing even inexperienced operators to use SHARK UAS in the most challenging environments. 

  • Up to 80 km communications range

  • 4 m wingspan

  • Up to 4 hrs flight time

  • Catapult takeoff and parachute landing

  • 12 kg MTOW


Mini Shark is the smallest and lightest of our drones, and it is a man-portable solution that allows it to take you everywhere with you. While packed with the same advanced tech as any other our drone, it enables you to do most of the tasks required by the modern environment, just in a bit smaller form. 

  • Up to 35 km communications range

  • 2 m wingspan

  • Up to 2 hrs flight time

  • Hand launch and automatic belly landing

  • 5 kg MTOW

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