PD-2 unmanned aerial system

The PD-2 UAS is a ready-to-fly versatile modular solution designed for the execution of various missions in a wide geographic range and approved by militaries for militaries. The system is packed with high-end technologies, AES 128/256 encryption, advanced payloads, and anti-jamming technologies. PD-2 UAS is well-suited for military use, border control, surveillance, power line inspections, aerial photography, agriculture, search and rescue, and public safety applications.

PD-2 VTOL fixed-wing UAS main features

PD-2 is a one-stop UAS solution for civil and military use. All numbers below are effective with fully loaded UAV including payload and fuel.

8+ hr average endurance

Up to 4700 m service ceiling


up to 180 kmdatalink connection

11 kgmax payload weight

1300 kmmax flight distance

Short lead time

Low operationalcost

ITAR free & no export restrictions

PD-2 UAV configurations

Same aircraft, different configurations. Just choose whatever current mission requires. Convert from fixed-wing to VTOL in a matter of minutes. No need to buy additional airframes.

PD-2 fixed-wing VTOL UAV

Vertical takeoff and landing

    8+ hour endurance
    3800 m maximum altitude
    55 kg MTOW
    11 kg maximum payload weight
    Takeoff & land from any location
PD-2 fixed-wing VTOL UAV

Fixed-wing with landing gear

    10+ hour endurance
    4700 m maximum altitude
    45 kg MTOW
    11 kg maximum payload weight
    Takeoff and land using a runway

Quick assembly and modifications

PD-2 UAV has a truly modular design, all airframe parts are secured with "fast link locks", no tools needed to assemble or disassemble the drone. Modular design allows to replace all airframe parts, payloads, and other onboard equipment. And one more thing: PD-2 UAV can be assembled or converted from the fixed-wing to VTOL configuration within 15 minutes.

Fixed-wing/VTOL airframe
Fixed-wing/VTOL airframe

VTOL module features

Charge batteries during the flight

VTOL batteries are automatically recharged by a 300 W onboard generator.

Easy-to-use solution

No tools are required to change the configuration of the PD-2 UAV.

Automatic battery heating

VTOL accumulators are automatically heated, ensuring optimal performance under low temperatures.

Fast configuration swap

Rapidly change an airframe configuration on the go within 15 min.

PD-2 VTOL fixed-wing UAV features

  • Navigation lights

    Used to prevent collisions at night or in times of reduced visibility, and are an essential tool in keeping people and UAVs safe.

  • Landing gear with braking system

    Reduces the distance required for a runway landing.

  • Automatic takeoff and landing

    Fully automatical remote take-off and landing without human intervention.

  • Automatic flight along the route

    Plan the mission and execute it perfectly.

  • Artboard 21

    ADS-B transponder

    Lets the UAV determine its position and periodically broadcast it, enabling it to be tracked.

  • Anti-jamming

    A secure encrypted connection and the dual-datalink system ensure that UAV can't be jammed.

PD-2 engine module

  • 100 cc engine

    4-stroke gas engine, that runs on regular A95 fuel. Consumables are available world-wide and no special fuel required.

  • Electric generator

    300 w electric generator to power up all equipment on board and charge batteries during the flight.

  • Remote start

    Start engine from a distance with a push of a button, even during the flight the engine can be automatically restarted by flight controller.

  • Integrated sensors

    See status of the engine during the flight, thanks to the RPM, temperature, air temperature, fuel level and other sensors.

  • Muffler

    Specifically designed custom muffler greatly reduces acoustic signature during the flight.

  • Fuel tank

    Integrated 11 liters carbon fiber fuel tank to support your long-endurance missions. With mil-grade fuel valve for quick fuelling.

Advanced EO/IR/LRF ISR payloads

PD-2 UAV can carry a wide range of different payloads. We have already integrated a wide range of EO/IR payloads designed by our company and third-party companies.

Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"

Ukrspecsystems USG-400 EO/IR/LRF

Award "Best Service Provider"

Ukrspecsystems USG-212 EO/IR

Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"

Trillium HD45

Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"

Trillium HD80

Award "Best Service Provider"

Threod ORCA 220

USG-400 EO/IR/LRF gimbal for ISR missions

Footage of the USG-400 EO/IR/LRF gimbal installed on a PD-2 UAV. USG-400 advanced gimbal is an ideal tool for ISR applications. It is strengthened by significant ground control software allowing the payload operator to be more flexible and saving a lot of time that can be used to make a decision.
The USG-400 compact and lightweight designs are developed for different civilian and military solutions under heavy weather conditions(-40 °C ~ +55 °C). USG camera series is optimized to handle harsh conditions, including shock and rapid acceleration during the flight. More about camera system on USG-400 page.


Advanced camera control software

Strix-online is specialized software developed for processing collected video information, report generation, and further transfer to external sources using API.
Strix online features include mission planning; moving live map; adding objects and obtaining their coordinates within one click; target detection, identification, and analysis; PDF report generation; transfer to an external source via API; various security protocols, and much more.

Other available payloads




Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)


Cell phone tracker (IMSI catcher)


Radio repeater

PD-2 cargo delivery modules

PD-2 UAV is capable of cargo delivery in different ways: dropdown via fuselage/wing modules or even landing the drone for load/unload and further take-off. Cargo delivery may be executed by command or at a predetermined point.





Want to see what cargo modules look like? Check out our video!

The PD-2 UAV can vertically land for load/unload and further takeoff multiple times in any environment. Moreover, it can hover over the target and drop the cargo precisely. The PD-2 surveillance drone allows you to deliver different types of cargo with a weight of up to 8 kg.

Communication options

We have integrated different communication methods, so you can choose whatever you need for the current mission.


LoS communication

    Up to 180 km range
    AES-256 encrypted
    Two encrypted datalinks
    Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)

3G/LTE connectivity

    Video and telemetry transmission
    Range depends upon the cellular network
    VPN protected
    Works beyond visual line of sight


    Unlimited range
    Video and telemetry transmission
    Low radio signature
    Works beyond visual line of sight

Ground control station

The ground control station is designed for to be portable and robust. It can be easily transported as it is or integrated in to a vehicle or HQ.

What's included: 
1. Network hub with backup battery;2. Remote operator control station;3. Payload operator portable control station;4. Tracking antenna unit;5. Automatic mast;6. Power generator.

Automatic 5 m mast for maximum range

Main and backup communication channels for redundancy


180+ km encrypted main datalink


150+ km encrypted backup datalink

Built-in video camera to control UAV in close range

Integrated backup battery provides 2 hours of autonomous work


15 min assembly time


Ground control station is powered by advanced software solution providing features like:


Control one UAV using multiple GCS

Extend mission range, hopping the control from one GCS to another during the flight


Signal relay from one UAV to other UAVs

Several UAVs may be operated via one GCS


Control of several UAVs from one GCS

One GCS may easily operate several UAVs in rage in case if the operation needs a full cover of the area for precise data


Live streaming to multiple GCS and RVT

The necessary information is available for operators, HQ, and field troops at the same time

180 km BVLOS tracking antenna unit

Ground tracking antenna maximizes radio communication range between your drone and the ground control station and therefore allows to use of the maximum potential of the data link. It uses the drone position information to accurately orient the antenna in the UAV direction.
To ensure maximum reliability during the mission there are two integrated communication channels to the tracking antenna system.
The tracking antenna is equipped with a built-in video camera, which allows having visual control over your drone close to mid-range distance.


Tested without remorse

PD-2 UAS has been tested for durability, vibrations, impacts, temperature, and various weather conditions affection.

Our team is sure, that the success of the product comes only with the correct and adequate numbers related to the unmanned aerial system. To be sure in the technical details we state, we’ve performed a number of relentless tests of the PD-2 UAS with the help of the State Research Institute for Testing and Certification of Arms and Military Equipment of Ukraine.


Combat proven solution

PD-2 unmanned aerial systems are currently on active service in Ukrainian Armed Forces. Our systems are permanently operated to perform various military tasks. The solution has received positive feedback from Ukrainian Army officers, drone operators, and intelligence agents.
PD-2 is equipped with anti-jam capabilities, ensuring a smooth operation without a GNSS signal or while facing GPS spoofing or control signals interception attempts.

PD-2 VTOL UAV technical details

Vertical takeoff and landing configuration

Flight modes and communications

Flight route


Takeoff and landing



In case of GNSS or control signals loss

Encrypted real-time Full HD video & telemetry

180+ km

Encrypted backup datalink

150+ km


GPS and 3 other modes

Flight capabilities

Flight time

8+ hours (with full payload)

Service ceiling

3800 m

Max. climb rate

3 m/s

Max. flight speed

140 km/h

Cruising speed

100 km/h

Stall speed

65 km/h

Measurements and weight

Full length

2.85 m


1.02 m


5 m

Payload capacity

11 kg max

Fuel tank

11 l


55 kg

Weather conditions

Operation temperature

-40/+50 °C




3 mm/h


Up to 15 m/s


PD-2 VTOL UAV photo
PD-2 ISR UAS picture
PD-2 long-range vtol drone image
PD-2 unmanned aerial vehicle fixed-wing photo
PD-2 fixed-wing uav photo
uav for surveillance image

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