USG-302 industrial grade gimbal

USG-302 industrial grade gimbal

While developing our gimbals we are focused on creating solutions for commercial and industrial applications. In regards to drone platform we always give preference to bigger drones with 6 or 8 motors, which have a few advantages if compared to their smaller «brothers».

First of all in most cases they can stay in the air for longer periods of time, which may be a crucial requirement for some tasks.

Secondly, they are more stable in different weather conditions and more reliable. Even if one motor fails there is a pretty high chance to land the drone safely.

And thirdly, they can lift heavier payloads. This allows to install dual sensor payloads. In our gimbals we install Full HD day-view cameras with 30x optical zoom and thermal sensors. Powerful zoom features allow drone operators to keep a certain distance from the target to keep operational risks at minimum.

In addition, our gimbals can be controlled from separate remote controls allowing drone operators and payload operators to focus on their tasks to ensure mission success.