PD-1 VTOL module introduced!

PD-1 VTOL module introduced!

Upgrade PD-1 fixed-wing drone to a completely new level! We are proud to introduce a VTOL module that converts any PD-1 drone to a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft!

The VTOL module can be installed on a PD-1 drone right in the field. This upgrade does not require any special modifications, and you will not need to send the UAV back to the factory. Our truly modular design opens new possibilities and allows to add and remove system modules on-the-go.

PD-1 with the VTOL module has a wing-span of 5 meters and can stay in the air the same 10 hours with a 7 kg payload onboard. Takeoff and landing processes are controlled by autopilot and done in fully automatic mode.

PD-1 VTOL is fully compatible with all our EO/IR payloads and supports a wide range of third-party equipment, such as SAR, LIDAR, radio repeaters, and much more.

On the opposite side, the VTOL module can be easily removed from the drone, and you can operate the same airframe as a standard fixed-wing drone with runway takeoff and landing or with a pneumatic catapult launcher and parachute recovery.

Our philosophy is to deliver the most flexible UAV solutions on the market that can fulfill requirements for any mission!