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Pneumatic catapult launcher. What and why?

Pneumatic catapult launcher. What and why?

UKRSPECSYSTEMS wants to be sure that by choosing our solutions, customers can be confident of their missions’ success. And to guarantee that, we thoroughly develop every product. 

Without exaggeration, the success of the mission essentially depends on the ability to launch the UAVs in harsh conditions.

One may ask: how to accomplish an urgent mission if there is no runway nearby?

And we have a solution. Our Pneumatic UAV launching system GLS-1A can help you to handle such difficulties. We spent countless hours making it functional and easily operated at the same time.

GLS-1A is designed to launch UAVs with MTOW up to 40 kg with a speed of 17 m/s (61 km/h). Moreover, the launch speed for UAVs of less mass can be higher – up to 22 m/s (79 km/h).

When launching UAVs, you can encounter severe weather. With this in mind, we made a decision to develop a catapult that can operate under various weather conditions. GLS-1A is capable of launching UAVs in the temperature range from -25 °С  to +40 °С.

While performing under time constraints it is vital for the operating team to use a launching system that can be set up quickly and easy-to-use. Сonsidering this our team designed a catapult that can be assembled in 15 minutes by only two people.Another great feature of our product is the ability to operate autonomously. The gasoline generator, which powers the catapult, allows it to operate regardless of the power supply;

The location, where the mission is performed is not always a safe one. Sometimes being near the catapult can be quite dangerous. To secure our customers we implemented an ability of remote launch control. A specially designed remote control panel allows you to carry out a launch remotely from a protected place.

If you are interested in Pneumatic UAV launching system GLS-1A or any of our products, feel free to contact us. We would be glad to answer all of your questions and provide you with further information:

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