The Shark UAV helped destroy enemy equipment worth $40 million

The Shark UAV helped destroy enemy equipment worth $40 million

"We are willing to take risks that result in good outcomes. Right now, our unit is undertaking a crucial task as part of a counteroffensive.

For our objectives, we need a 'bird' that can fly deep into enemy territory, around 40-60 or even 70 kilometers, and maintain reliable communication with the base control station at that distance. Additionally, the UAV should be compact, equipped with excellent optics, and preferably powered by electricity to minimize thermal signatures and remain less detectable by enemy air defense systems. The Shark UAV currently meets all these criteria and is the best option in terms of price. Of course, there are significantly cheaper UAVs that we also work with, but they are designed for different missions.

We have achieved a significant milestone as one of our SHARK crews has already helped destroy enemy equipment worth 40 million dollars, including 'Zoopark-2,' 'Zhitel' and several Russian air defense systems. We expended two drones for this operation. When translated into economic terms, the effectiveness is remarkable!"


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