How to get 200km communication range

How to get 200km communication range

No matter how technologically advanced the company is, there's always room for enhancement. That is why UKRSPECSYSTEMS does everything possible to produce the most high-end products in order to meet all your requirements.

Someone says, that a stable connection of a UAV with a ground control station is crucial for a successful mission accomplishment. Others emphasize that a significant range of communication is of the utmost importance. We believe that both these statements are vital. That is why our team worked hard to develop the tracking antenna system – our vision of how a reliable solution should look like.

Today we have something really amazing to share with you. It’s our great pleasure to announce that the tracking antenna system grants up to an impressive 200 km of video and telemetry datalink range.

If the mission doesn’t require a maximum communication range, you can use the tracking antenna system without a 5 m automatic mast for easier and more convenient transportation. Even in that case, our solution will still provide you with a significant C2 and video range of 130+ km using a quadropod.

The tracking antenna system is powered by innovative equipment from our partners Silvus Technologies. Their high-tech hardware grants perfect efficiency, high signal strength, and ensures a list of features like MIMO and MESH. Due to MESH technology, a compatible UAV can be used to extend the communication range of a second drone.

If you are interested in tracking antenna system or any other product – feel free to reach us for more information.