USG-211 Full HD EO gimbal upgrade

USG-211 Full HD EO gimbal upgrade

We are proud to announce that we are planning to release newer version of USG-211 Full HD gimbal soon. It will feature new durable and light carbon fiber housing with IP54 protection. More accurate stabilization and our brand new digital video processing with such features as digital video stabilization and target tracking. Our digital video stabilization module costs much less then systems from our competitors and allows to keep prices for our products at minimum, while having all the same features.

USG-211 has already proved its effectiveness on both unmanned multirotor and fixed-wing platform. Furthermore, we have also installed it on autogyro and currently testing it with two-seat manned helicopter.

Digital video processing module is additional hardware that processes video in real time. It installs right next to the gimbal and add full range of new features. First of all digital video stabilization and target tracking. Secondly, it allows to control the gimbal over IP which allows easy integration with other systems. Additionally, we can offer digital data links and Full HD broadcast video transmitter to complete the system, so you can get everything you need from one source customized to your specific application.

USG-211 is great solution for drone inspections, security, search and rescue and military applications and compatible with most manned and unmanned aerial platforms on the market.

Short technical specifications

Sensor: Full HD 1080p camera with 30x optical zoom

Width: 115 mm

Height: 164 mm

Weight: 1100 g with damping mount

Protection level: IP54


  • Digital video stabilization
  • Target tracking
  • Low light mode
  • Anti-fog mode
  • IR filter ON/OFF

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