USG-212 camera system gets an upgrade!

USG-212 camera system gets an upgrade!

We are constantly working on making our products way more technologically advanced. Lately, UKRSPECSYSTEMS’ team has upgraded the USG-212 camera system with a new infrared sensor.

Due to a higher resolution of 640 x 512 pixels, 50 fps frame rate, 12 µm pixel size, and improved low light capabilities it ensures an outstanding detailed image at any time of the day.

The IR sensor in the USG-212 camera paylaod for now comes with a significantly enhanced detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) performance, which makes it a perfect solution for surveillance, reconnaissance, search and rescue, border control, and a whole list of various missions.

Take a look at some technical details:

Human target:      Vehicle target:

D – 1490 m          D – 4475 m

R – 375 m            R – 1135 m

I – 187 m              I –  478 m

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