PC-8 __ professional edition

PC-8 UAS was designed for security and industrial applications. This multirotor drone can stay in the air for up to 50 min with a 1.5 kg payload. Standard payloads include high-performance EO and IR Full HD gimbals. PC-8 offers maximum reliability and ease of operation with professional GCS and highest quality standards.

Compact and foldable design

The PC-8 drone can be easily carried in a portable rugged case, so you don't need to worry about accidental damages during transportation.

Compact and foldable design
Fully programmable flight controller

Fully programmable flight controller

The flight controller allows to plan, edit, and execute automatic flight, takeoff, and landing.

Professional ground control station

Rugged Ground Control Station (GCS) runs on Windows 10 and gives you full control over the mission. You can control the drone, set the flight route, control the payload, and see all important information from PC-8. GCS has a maximum operational range of 5 km and 4 hours of battery life.

Professional Ground Control Station

Flight ranges

  • Flight time

    55 min

  • Operational range

    12000 m

  • Service ceiling

    1000 m

  • Weather use



  • Folded size

    1350 × 252 × 130 mm

  • Prepared to flight size

    1350 × 1350 × 130 mm

  • MTOW (with battery and gimbal)

    6800 g

Flight regimes

  • Flight route


  • Drone

    Takeoff and landing


Link type

  • Telemetry link

    Digital encrypted

  • Artboard 1Media

    Digital video link

    Encrypted (optionally)


Product specifications

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