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PD platform

The PD platform is a fully customizable modular solution capable of operating in a wide geographic range. Robust and lightweight airframe, powerful engine unit, and stable communications make it a perfect basis for your aerial system.


Versatile and flexible in customization

While developing the PD platform UKRSPECSYSTEMS' team pursued a simple goal – to develop a reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and at the same time reasonably priced versatile solution that may be operated in any environment or weather conditions.
Choose and integrate any compatible equipment due to the PD platform’s versatility. Gimbals, high-resolution cameras, LiDAR, SAR, IMSI catchers, radio repeaters – the flexibility of the PD platform allows using a wide range of various payloads.


PD platform features

10 hr average endurance

5000 m service ceiling


100 cc engine

19 kgmax payload weight

31 Lpayload capacity

500 Welectric generator

AES-128encrypted communications

Short lead time

Low operationalcost

ITAR free & no export restrictions

Navigation lights

Landing gear with braking system

Assemble and modify

PD platform has a modular design, all airframe parts are secured with "fast link locks", no tools needed to assemble or disassemble the drone. Modular design allows replacing all airframe parts, payloads, and other onboard equipment. And one more thing: the PD platform can be assembled or converted from the fixed-wing configuration to VTOL within 15 minutes.

Fixed-wing/VTOL airframe
Fixed-wing/VTOL airframe

PD platform configurations

Same aircraft, different configurations. Just choose whatever the current mission requires.

PD-2 fixed-wing VTOL UAV

Vertical takeoff and landing configuration

    8+ hour endurance
    4500 m maximum altitude
    55 kg MTOW
    11 kg maximum payload weight
    Takeoff & land from any location
PD-2 fixed-wing VTOL UAV

Fixed-wing with landing gear

    10+ hour endurance
    4700 m maximum altitude
    55 kg MTOW
    19 kg maximum payload weight
    Takeoff and land using a runway
PD-2 fixed-wing VTOL UAV

Fixed-wing without landing gear

    10+ hour endurance
    5000 m maximum altitude
    45 kg MTOW
    11 kg maximum payload weight
    Catapult launch & parachute recovery

VTOL module features

Charge batteries during the flight

VTOL batteries are automatically recharged by a 500 W onboard generator.

Easy-to-use solution

No tools are required to change the configuration of the PD platform.

Automatic battery heating

VTOL accumulators are automatically heated, ensuring optimal performance under low temperatures.

Fast configuration swap

Rapidly change an airframe configuration on the go within 15 min.

PD platform engine module

  • 100 cc engine

    4-stroke gas engine, that runs on regular A95 fuel. Consumables are available worldwide and no special fuel required.

  • Remote start

    Start engine from a distance with a push of a button, even during the flight the engine can be automatically restarted by the flight controller.

  • Electric generator

    300 w electric generator to power up all equipment on board and charge batteries during the flight.

  • Muffler

    Specifically designed custom muffler greatly reduces acoustic signature during the flight.

  • Integrated sensors

    See the status of the engine during the flight, thanks to the RPM, temperature, air temperature, fuel level, and other sensors.

  • Fuel tank

    Integrated 12 liters carbon fiber fuel tank to support your long-endurance missions. With mil-grade fuel valve for quick fuelling.




PD platform technical details

Flight capabilities and communications

Flight time

8+ hours (with full payload)

Service ceiling

4500 m

Max. climb rate

3 m/s

Max. flight speed

140 km/h

Cruising speed

100 km/h

Stall speed

65 km/h

Radio range

up to 150 km

Measurements and weight

Full length

2.85 m


1.02 m


5 m

Payload capacity

11 kg max

Fuel tank

11 l


55 kg

Weather conditions

Operation temperature

-10/+45 °C




3 mm/h


Up to 15 m/s

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