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Get in touch with us+38 (063) 834-36-60moc.smetsyscepsrku%40ofni

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Ukrspecsystems supports and highly evaluates a collaborative approach and aims to generate partnerships to help deliver our vision of efficient UAS and its components. By joining our distribution network, you can tap into the vast potential of a dynamic and rapid-growing market and push its boundaries to reach new heights.
UKRSPECSYSTEMS is represented by more than 150 talented professionals with over 7 years of practical experience. Our products operate in over 12 countries all over the globe.


Our products in numbers


8000 hours

of the PD-series UAV flight

291 hours

of the USG-212 camera system video footage

490 000 km

covered with communications by the UAV tracking antenna system

12 countries

successfully mission geography

30% price difference

within same functionality and performance as competitors

Why should you work with us?

We offer a line of reliable, technological, and efficient solutions, ready to operate under windy, rainy, and other harsh weather conditions. Their robustness has been severely tested by certified institutions. Our products have been successfully integrated into a bunch of aircraft like UAVs, autogyros, helicopters, and small manned planes.

What will you get?

Read about our outstanding company growth strategy.

We offer a wide range of support to our partners. Your success is our success and we want you to be on top of things. 

● High revenue while keeping the price on the market level. How is that possible? The general idea of making our solution cost-effective and at the same time not overpriced, and huge production volumes;
● High commissions;
● Truly partnership relations; 
● Full product support: technical details, installation manuals, ICDs, etc. No pitfalls, everything's clear as the sky!
● Full marketing support: media kits, POSM, and other marketing materials including public and non-public videos. And all of that might be customized upon partner request!
● After-sale support via messengers, email, or other ways of communication. No questions will be left unanswered.
● Product training: learn insights directly from their creators.
By joining our distribution network you can tap into the huge potential of a dynamic and rapid-growing market and push its boundaries to reach new heights. Technological, robust, efficient: just a brief list of partnership benefits with Ukrspecsystems.Harnessing the opportunities of the UAV industry. Together.

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