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Product not available. We are not offering engine units anymore.

UAV engine unit

Our UAV propulsion module comes as a fully integrated solution. All systems come as one block for easy installation and maintenance.
It consists of a 4-stroke 100 cc engine, carbon fiber propeller, carbon fuel tank, 500 W onboard generator, various fittings, and filters. Our module is fully compatible with Pixhawk right out of the box, it has such features as a remote start (so you can start your UAV engine with just one click or push of a button) and an electric generator to power up all-electric equipment on board of your drone. To transmit the status information of the engine module, it is equipped with a fuel level sensor, engine temperature sensors, air temperature sensors, an RPM sensor, and many more useful features. The system can even automatically restart the engine during the flight and upgraded mufflers reduce the acoustic signature of the engine.


Add fueling station

Use our engine module together with the fueling station for your maximum convenience. It is a fast and safe way to refuel your UAV, as well as deflate the fuel after the flight for the safe transportation of the UAV.

Technical specifications

RPM range1,500 - 6,300 RPM
Engine operation temperature90-140° C
Plug typeCM-6 spark plug
Power7 HP
Displacement6.1 cu. in. (100 cc)
Oil type & content:20 gas/1 oil ratio
Fuel type95 Octane (RON)

Fuel tank capacity11 L
Empty weight7,8 kg
Maximum working altitude5500 m
Electric generator500 W
Onboard power supplyNominal voltage 24 VDC
Overcurrent protectionYes

Battery capacity 5400 mAh
Onboard battery6S LiPo
SensorsTemperature, fuel level, RPM
Brushless motor alternatorYes
Remote startYes
Starter typeElectric
Pixhawk compatibleYes

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