TD-1 target drone

The TD-1 target drone is a perfect solution for training personnel of military, law enforcement, or other formations to shoot down hostile UAVs. It is suitable for developing new and modernizing old methods and systems to counter enemy UAVs.


Perfect for anti-aircraft crews training

The TD-1 target drone can be used during training different types of troops.

Army aviation

The TD-1 can be shot down by Mi-2, Mi-8, Mi-24 helicopters.

Anti-aircraft missile troops

Our solution can be shot down by air defense systems of close, small and medium range.

Ground forces

Target drone can be shot down by small arms.

The TD-1 target drone technical details

Measurements and weight


1.79 m


0.4 m


2.3 m


9 kg

Flight capabilities and communications

Maximum speed

120 km/h

Cruise speed

75 km/h

Stall speed

65 km/h


120 min

Maximum operation range

150 km

Service ceiling

3000 m

Communication range

30 km

Takeoff and landing

Takeoff method

Catapult launch

Landing method

Parachute landing

Bungee launching system SCL-1A

Launch the TD-1 target drone easily and safely with a Bungee launching system SCL-1A. It is designed to launch unmanned aerial vehicles with a takeoff weight of up to 10 kg at a speed of 25 m/s (90 km/h). The catapult SCL-1A is capable of launching UAVs under various weather conditions and in the temperature range from -15° to +40°C.



PD-2 VTOL UAV photo
PD-2 ISR UAS picture
PD-2 long-range vtol drone image
PD-2 long-range vtol drone image

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