Heated Pitot Tube

The heated Pitot Tube is a device designed to measure static and dynamic air pressures.
This device is used as part of onboard navigational equipment fitted in aviation technology. The Pitot Tube can be installed on ultralight aircraft such as: small passenger planes, sports aircraft, gliders, hang gliders, helicopters, etc., and can also be installed on unmanned aerial vehicles. The Pitot Tube is equipped with a heating system, serving as a safeguard against icing, thus allowing its operation under various climatic conditions.



    Heated Pitot Tube
    Protective cap
    UAV integration connector
    Protective plug for the integration connector
    Spare parts kit 
    Transport packaging 
    Adjustment and use instructions

Pitot Tube Specifications

  • Temperature range-40 °C to +55 °C

  • Power source16-32 V

  • Maximum speedup to 200 km/h

  • ConnectionCAN protocol

  • Weight160 grams

  • Dimensional size190x19x19 mm

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