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Long-range UAV tracking antenna

Our antenna tracker maximizes radio communication range between your drone and the ground control station and therefore allows to use of the maximum potential of the data link. It uses the drone position information to accurately orient the antenna in the UAV direction. It’s necessary to have precision tracking systems when seeking to operate over long distances, which makes antennas a fundamental component.


System configurations

Versatility – is a key. Our system is available in different configurations providing you with a maximum communication range of both main and backup datalinks, and making transportation and deployment simpler and more convenient. Choose depending on what the mission requires.



80+ km using quadropod



130+ km range of stable communication and a reliable video transmission using a 5 m automatic mast



150+ km using quadropod



220+ km range of stable communication and a reliable video transmission using a 5 m automatic mast.



60+ km using quadropod

What makes a great antenna tracker for your drone?

It significantly increases the quality and range of stable communication and provides a reliable HD video transmission. So, if you’re looking to buy a tracking antenna, we’d like to draw your attention to this exclusive tracking unit that matches the parameters mentioned above and much more!
To ensure maximum reliability during the mission we integrated two communication channels into our UAV tracking antenna system. The main datalink is used for the telemetry and video transmission and the backup datalink transmits telemetry using another frequency.
The antenna tracker is equipped with a built-in video camera, which allows you to have visual control over your drone close to mid-range distance. Besides these advantages, the tracking antenna system can also be equipped with a directional high-gain antenna.

tracking antenna uav long-range picture

Double redundancy: Two datalinks integrated

There are two datalink integrated, main one to transmit both video and telemetry and backup, that provide more range and utilizes different frequency, so you can keep control over the drone in harsh environment.

Main datalink: 220+ km range video and telemetry datalink

Main encrypted jam-resistant datalink allows to transmit both real-time video and drone control signals.


Backup datalink: 220+ km range backup C2 telemetry datalink

System will automatically switch to different datalink in case of loss signal with the main datalink.

Built-in video camera

To visually control the drone during takeoff and landing.

Automatic mast 5 meters mast

Mechanical, electrically powered 5 meters mast to maximize connection range with the drone during long-range missions.


Backup battery

Get 2 hours of power out of integrated backup battery to ensure uninterrupted operations in case of power outage.

UAV tracking antenna technical specifications

180+ km configuration

Communication range (automatic mast)180+ km main (C2 & video) and backup (C2) datalinks
Communication range (quadropod)130+ km main (C2 & video) and backup (C2) datalinks
Tracking head payload<15 kg

System Specifications

DATA Rates > 10 Mbps
Frequency optionsUHF, L-, S-, C-band
Software Selectable > 433 MHz, 868 MHz, 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz & 5.8 GHz
Serial InterfaceRS-422
Ethernet100 Base-T
PolarizationDual polarized Vertical/ Horizontal polarization
Control Software MavlinkUSS planner
MIMO system
EnvironmentalIP54 rated
EncryptionAES-128 (telemetry) / AES-256 (video)


Azimuth rotation360° continuous
Elevation rotation -40° +75°
Height above groundwith mast: 6 mwith quadropod: 2.5 m
Temperature -25°C +45°C


Spread out telescopic mast with the antenna tracker installed3800 x 3800 x 5800 mm
Weight of the telescopic mast with an installed antenna tracker178.2 kg

Power Requirements

Power outputs1 W and 4 W RF
Input voltage24 V
Input current2.5 A (peak 4 A)


Powered by Silvus Technologies

Silvus Technologies StreamCaster, being one of the best solutions on the market, grants our antenna tracker unit up to 220 km of stable communication, high-quality video streaming out to long distances, ensuring perfect efficiency and high signal strength.

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