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EO camera system UAV photo

USG-211 gyro-stabilized gimbal with a Full HD camera can be mounted on any fixed-wing or VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. It is lightweight, has a high-quality Sony camera, and an affordable price. It makes it a perfect choice for nearly any application.

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Digital video processing module

On-board digital video processing module includes advanced features such as target and scene tracking, digital video stabilization, onboard recording, Full-HD live-streaming and much more.

Easy-to-use payload control software

The mission control software allows to control all gimbal features, enables moving map, detection, analysis, and identification of targets, creation of objects on the map, generation after-flight reports, and transfer to external sources via API. In addition, the augmented reality feature can overlay street names and objects right on the live video.


USG-211 EO gimbal for ISR missions

Here's footage of the USG-211 EO gimbal installed on a PD-1 VTOL fixed-wing drone. USG-211 gimbal is a great tool for ISR applications. It is powered by significant ground control software showing full information regarding the state of the mission: distance to the target and its coordinates, location of UAV itself on the map in flight mode, payload control, and real-time video, of course. Also, the software allows the payload operator to be more effective and save a lot of time preparing the report after the mission. 

Kestrel Land MTI software

Due to the capabilities of the Kestrel Land MTI software solution, the USG-211 EO camera system is able to automatically detect various types of moving objects like people, vehicles, or aircraft.

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Want to get 220+ km of reliable HD video transmission from the gimbal?

Tracking antenna for UAV can help you with that.

It significantly increases the quality and range of stable communication and provides a reliable AES-256 encrypted HD video transmission at distances above 200 km using an automatic mast or 130+ km using a quadropod. Change the configuration on the go depending upon the mission task.
Moreover, it's capable of operating within 2 hours using the integrated backup battery to ensure uninterrupted operations in case of a power outage.

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General specifications

  • Day-view camera Full HD: 30x optical zoom

  • Continuous rotation: 360° (slip ring)

  • Anti-vibration damping mount

  • Weather sealed


  • Scene lock

  • Digital video stabilization

  • Motion detection

  • Target tracking

  • Оnboard recording


  • Weight: 1400 g

  • Width: 115 mm

  • Height: 164 mm

Link type

  • Artboard 1Media

    Encrypted Full HD real-time video: 200 km


USG-211 all-in-one solution

Airborne equipment

    USG-211 gimbal
    Anti-vibration mount
    Digital video-processing module
    GPS receiver
    Connection cable set

Ground equipment

    Rugged laptop
    Aerowatcher software license
    Joystick controller
    Rugged transportation case

Where USG-212 EO/IR camera system can be used?

Our system works effectively on the following platforms. Ask us for case studies. 

fixed-wing drone eo camera photo

Fixed-wing UAV








Light aircraft

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