UAS Components 

Professional components for your unmanned aerial systems. 

UAS Components is an independent division focused on providing high-quality components for your unmanned aerial systems. Our products are used in different parts of the world by professionals involved in industrial and commercial areas.

Bungee SCL UAV launching system

Designed to launch unmanned aerial vehicles with a takeoff weight of up to 13 kg at a speed of 18 m/s (65 km/h).

uav fuel station image


15 min

Operational temp.: -15°/+55°C


Minimum launch
interval: 5 min

uav ground station photo

Tracking antenna for UAS

Tracking antenna for the ground control station of your UAV enables a higher communication range.


220+ km range


Tactical radios Silvus (MIMO, MASH)


Built-in video camera


Unlimited azimuth rotation

Fuel station

A fuel station for your drone will help you to make fuel and defuel process faster and safer.

uav fuel station image

Camozzi fittings

Protection IP65

From -20 to +45 °C




Search & rescue

Our equipment is able to make search and analysis in hard-to-reach areas of the Earth, to create reports while searching, and to operate in accordance with included protocols. By using ELT (emergency locator transmitters), we can find people in distress and, by dropping emergency radio beacon EPIRB, we can assist in rescue water operations.


Emergency response

Our world is not safe, and we all know it. We are not immune to unforeseen situations and emergencies. We designed our product as a universal tool for collecting all the necessary information about the environment. And the flexibility of our software solutions allows us to adapt the equipment to all kinds of our customers' goals and tasks.


Border control

Our products help with constant monitoring at any time and in any weather condition of unauthorized movements of equipment and people, prompt processing of the received information, and its transfer to the control center. There is also an automatic mode of target lock on following the discovery with the transmission of geographical coordinates to the control center, which allows border guard services to prevent illegal border crossing.


Wildfire management

We have put a lot of effort into creating equipment and software allowing to monitor open space areas and measure the temperature changes in the selected preset area in automatic mode, which helps locate the fire, determine the scale, position, and transmit all information to the Response Service in order to neutralize the inflammation.


Police assistance

We are ready to offer you reliable and high-quality equipment to satisfy all the necessary needs of police in different countries. The main advantage of our product, apart from its high quality, is that we are ready to provide the possibility to modify the software of our suspensions according to customers’ new goals and needs if necessary, without modifying the technical part.



Year by year, the world is moving on, the vast majority of countries is taking UAVs with different types of equipment onboard into service for different goals. Being in active development and having practical experience of use of our equipment for security objectives in different countries, we are ready to supply technical components with ready and tested technical solutions to government offices of other countries for safety and security inside their countries.


Wildlife monitoring

The flexibility of our technical solution gives us an opportunity to adapt the functionality of our software to collect information in different fields. Whether it's counting polar bears in the Arctic or searching damaged areas in a gas pipeline in a hard-to-access part, we are absolutely ready to assist you to manage your tasks by using our equipment.


Software development

We are not intermediaries in selling the equipment, our equipment and software go through a complete production cycle in our company. We are ready to assist you in installing our software on the technical solutions of other manufacturers that you use. We will completely adapt it according to your goals and tasks.

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