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"Eye for an Eye" initiative from "Come Back Alive" and "OKKO"

The charitable initiative by the OKKO gas station network and the "Come Back Alive" army assistance fund was launched on November 1st. For every liter of branded Pulls fuel sold at OKKO gas stations, the company donates 1 UAH to the SHARK project. Additionally, concerned citizens can directly donate funds to the dedicated account of the "Come Back Alive" fund.

As part of this initiative, the organizers will provide the Ukrainian military with 25 systems, which includes:

  1. 75 UAVs from UKRSPECSYSTEMS (50 main drones and an additional 25 for operational replacement of lost ones);
  2. 25 utility vehicles Torsus from Pulsar Expo equipped with control stations;
  3. 25 launchers.


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