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Get in touch with us+38 (063) 834-36-60moc.smetsyscepsrku%40ofni

Just one

Just one "SHARK" located and helped destroy 5 "Buk" anti-aircraft missile systems

"Russian "Buk" systems can't hide from the SHARKs 🦈

As promised, we're showing what happens to enemy air defense systems when they are tracked by the reconnaissance drones "SHARK," which were purchased with your donations. You, along with the driving community, raised 325 million hryvnias for 25 of these complexes as part of the "EYE FOR AN EYE" project from the "Come Back Alive" foundation and the OKKO gas station network.

💥 And now, the crew of just one "SHARK" in Zaporizhia located and helped disable or destroy 5 combat vehicles in the storage area of the "Buk" anti-aircraft missile systems (both self-propelled firing units and loader-launcher vehicles). The occupiers tried to hide their equipment in shelters, but it didn't help - the HIMARS missile found its targets."

Source: "Come Back Alive" Foundation.

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