Meet bungee UAV launching system SCL-1A!

Meet bungee UAV launching system SCL-1A!

We are excited to announce the release of our new bungee UAV launching system SCL-1A by UAS Components, UKRSPECSYSTEMS division.

Unmanned aircraft are essential vehicles for intelligence and surveillance, so the launching process is very important. But in the rough environment, they are not always able to start UAV from runway stripe. And that's when bungee UAV launching system SCL-1A goes.

Bungee launching system SCL-1A is produced to launch UAVs with MTOW not exceeding 10 kg at a speed of 25 m/s (90 km/h). It is also capable of launching UAVs under various weather conditions and in the temperature range from -15° to +40°C.

The bungee UAV launcher works autonomously and is powered by a lead-acid battery. The number of stars depends on the capacity of the battery, the state of its charge, and the ambient temperature, ensuring up to 9 launches at full battery charge. Moreover, the power supply using the car accumulator is possible as well.

Start control is carried out by the remote wire control panel up to 100 m long. The tension can be adjusted both in automatic and manual mode and monitored by the indicator of the electronic dynamometer.

And last but not least it may be easily assembled by two people within a short time-window, not exceeding 15 minutes.

We offer a complete educational course, including both theory and practice to control the bungee UAV launcher for our clients. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, if you are interested or have some questions regarding the bungee UAV launching system CLS-1A.