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Meet improved engine unit!

Meet improved engine unit!

2021 start with some amazing things. Our team modified and released the successor of engine unit used in PD-1 UAS. Meet the brand new engine unit 100 cc and its fascinating features : 

- New 4-stroke 100 cc engine modified to fit harsh environment;

- Upgraded muffler to reduce acoustic signature;

- Active engine temperature control system;

- Engine RPM and temperature sensors with "red zone" warnings;

- Air intake filter and temperature control sensors;

- Carbon fiber propeller and fuel tank;

- Fuel level sensor with "low fuel" warning;

- Mil-grade quick connect fueling valve;

- Electric onboard generator (300 W);

- Remote engine start system (push to start feature);

- Emergency engine start feature (granting automatic start during the flight in case of failure);

- Compatible with Pixhawk 2.

That's what may be called "improvement", due to our experience and expertise. What do you think of this?

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