PD-2 UAS for geodetic aerial photography: how it works?

PD-2 UAS for geodetic aerial photography: how it works?

A precise geodetic aerial photography is essential for capturing a detailed image of the earth's surface and for the further creation of high-resolution maps. To provide our customers with the best experience and superior quality, we use equipment from the world’s leading producers.

Recently, UKRSPECSYSTEMS conducted a series of test flights of the PD-2 UAS equipped with a medium-format metric camera iXM-100 manufactured by Phase One (Denmark) for geodetic aerial photography.

Fast, highly responsive, robust, and weatherproof (IP53 compliant), the iXM 100MP delivers superior quality aerial imaging and flexible operation to satisfy diverse inspection, mapping, and surveillance applications. For the accurate image positioning, we integrated a multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS receiver developed by the Ukrainian company E.P.S. LLC and based on NovAtel Inc. (Canada) board.

During the test the aerial photography of the control area with ground control markers took place. The flight altitude of the PD-2 surveillance drone was 1000 m above the Earth's surface, the resolution of images over the surface was less than 5 cm. Images were georeferenced using PPK technology. Based on the data obtained, a digital surface model and an orthomosaic were created. The accuracy of georeferencing of the orthomosaic using control markers was less than 5 cm.

The productivity of aerial photography was 20 km² per hour, which allows the PD-2 UAS to survey more than 160 km² per day (depending on weather conditions and the airspace use situation). The PD-2 long-range UAV’s flight was performed in accordance with the Regulation on Use of Airspace of Ukraine.

To sum up, the UKRSPECSYSTEMS PD-2 UAS along with the advanced equipment of our partners perfectly suits for aerial photography.

Earlier we have written about UKRSPECSYSTEMS’ collaboration with Phase One. Check it out!

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