SHARK and PD-2 for Ukraine's Main Directorate of Intelligence

SHARK and PD-2 for Ukraine's Main Directorate of Intelligence


For New Year's, he wished for a SHARK reconnaissance UAV. And this month, his dream came true—even more than he expected. 😉 "Ruben" is the commander of a reconnaissance unit in the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. His primary tasks include conducting aerial reconnaissance, identifying enemy forces and assets, and adjusting artillery fire to destroy them. Additionally, he mentions that there are other specific tasks that he and his unit perform using unmanned aerial systems 🤫 "No single type of aerial reconnaissance system can perform tasks in all weather conditions and all electronic environments. Therefore, it is necessary to be trained to use different UAVs to be versatile in completing tasks," says Ruben.

This month, his unit received two reconnaissance UAVs from Come Back Alive Foundation —the SHARK and the PD-2.

Now, the aerial reconnaissance team can leverage the advantages of these two systems to achieve various goals and perform their duties even more effectively 🫡


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