The USG-212 used on Cavalon AutoGyro

The USG-212 used on Cavalon AutoGyro

Recently UKRSPECSYSTEMS along with its partners AutoGyro GmbH has conducted a series of flights in order to show the capabilities of the Cavalon AutoGyro equipped with the USG-212 EO/IR camera system.

Due to the perfect work of the essential features like target tracking, zoom, and digital video stabilization, the ability to read the license plate from 700 ft above ground level was successfully demonstrated.

The USG-212 EO/IR camera system granted its reliability and provided a qualitative Full HD video throughout the flights. As a result of the excellent performance of the IR camera, the heat signatures of the people and vehicles have been clearly seen.

Being an ultimate solution, the USG-212 camera system perfectly suits for surveillance, reconnaissance, search and rescue, or border control. It is designed to be used on UAVs, helicopters, aerostats, autogyros, and small manned aircraft.

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