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Ukrspecsystems unveiled its new SHARK UAV

Ukrspecsystems unveiled its new SHARK UAV

The Ukrainian Ukrspecsystems unveiled the SHARK UAV, which is resistant to electronic warfare.

The press service of Ukrspecsystems shared the details of the new UAV on its social media pages.

The developers share that the idea of creating this reconnaissance UAV came to be after the start of the full-scale invasion. Work on the system, from the project design to the first flight, was done within less than half a year. Among other things, SHARK is equipped with secure encrypted communication and a camera with 30x optical zoom and additional digital zoom.

The development of the new drone was actually executed already during the full-scale invasion as an operational response of our company to the challenges and needs of the Ukrainian military. This is another proof of the toughness and invincibility of the Ukrainian people because we are able to create world-class high-tech products under such difficult conditions! the Ukrspecsystems said.

According to the developers, SHARK UAV is fully ready for use in combat conditions. This UAV is specifically designed for penetration into territories temporarily controlled by the enemy through conducting deep aerial reconnaissance and adjusting, among others, Western long-range weapons, in particular, the American HIMARS artillery rocket system.

The flight time of the SHARK drone can exceed 2 hours, with a communication range of 60 km and a practical ceiling of 2000 m. It weighs 10 kg, has a wingspan of 1.90 m, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -15°C to +45°C. The drone has a cruising speed of 70-90 km/h, a maximum flight speed of 150 km/h, and a stall speed of 60 km/h.


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